If you're looking for an innovative and efficient way to grind and store your herbs, the Cloudious9 Tectonic 9 Auto Dispensing Grinder is the perfect tool for you. This grinder is designed to upgrade your grinding game with its unique features that make it stand out from the rest. The Tectonic 9 is an auto-dispensing grinder, which means that as you grind your herbs, they are automatically dispensed into the bottom container, eliminating the need for an extra container. This feature ensures that you have a clean and mess-free grinding experience. Another notable feature of the Tectonic 9 is its built-in vibration motor that ensures consistency in your grind size. The motor sends vibrations to the blades, which ensures that your herb is ground into the perfect consistency, leaving no chunks behind. Additionally, the Tectonic 9 comes with a clear viewing window that allows you to see the herbs being ground, giving you more control and precision. The grinder also has a magnetic top cover that keeps the grinder secure and prevents any spills or leaks. The Cloudious9 Tectonic 9 Auto Dispensing Grinder can be found at various smoke shops across the country, but if you're in Texas, you're in luck. The Puff Love Smoke Shop has branches in Dallas, Flowermound, Little Elm, and Plano, stocking this innovative grinder. The shop is known for carrying high-quality smoking accessories, and the Tectonic 9 is no exception. In conclusion, the Cloudious9 Tectonic 9 Auto Dispensing Grinder is a game-changer for grinding herbs, and its unique features make it worth the investment. If you're in Texas, head on over to Puff Love Smoke Shop in Dallas, Flowermound, Little Elm, or Plano to grab yours today.