EFEST LUC V6 is a sophisticated multi-functional charger designed for the vaping enthusiasts. The device is capable of charging up to six batteries simultaneously and can be used to charge different battery types and sizes like 18350, 18650 and others. It is an intelligent charger that can detect the type of battery inserted and the charging status that goes with it. Plus, it features a LED readout that displays the charging status of each battery. The EFEST LUC V6 charger is equipped with six independent spring-loaded charging ports. The charging ports are designed to maintain an optimal charging speed for each of the batteries, courtesy of the charging algorithm used by the device. This means that the battery life is improved, and the overall longevity of the battery is extended. Besides charging, the EFEST LUC V6 also has a discharging feature. This allows vapers to discharge their batteries by setting the desired discharge current, which is helpful for older batteries that have lost life. Additionally, the charger comes with multiple safety features such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and over-current protection. EFEST LUC V6 is available at various vaping stores and online platforms, but one of the most renowned shops to find it is Puff Love Smoke Shop. Located in Dallas, Flowermound, Little elm, and Plano, Puff Love Smoke Shop is a well-stocked store that provides vapers with all their vaping needs at affordable prices. They have a knowledgeable staff that can guide you on the products you need and the best way to use them. In conclusion, the EFEST LUC V6 is a top-tier multi-functional charger capable of charging many battery types and sizes simultaneously while maintaining an optimal charging speed. It also features numerous safety features, and the discharging feature comes in handy. Vapers looking for this device in Texas should check out Puff Love Smoke Shop, as their extensive inventory is bound to have it.